Jenkins master with JNLP slaves

In this document, I will show how to configure Jenkins master and slave nodes. In the slave nodes, AWS CLI and Docker must be installed and configured. All of the topology will be configured with Vagrant. The network topology will be as following: I have used my WiFi card as the public network to direct […]

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Auto deploy 2 nginx uwsgi and 1 HA proxy virtual machines with Vagrant and ansible

Article shows us how to deploy Nginx UWSGI backend servers with HA proxy front load balance server. In this article I have used Vagrant with Virtualbox¬†provider and Ansible for provisioning. Vagrantfile will create 3 virtual machines and do provisioning to all of them. I separated playbook files and roles(with handlers, tasks and templates) for all […]

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Vagrant first steps

Vagrant install and configure Vagrant create box file Add your own created box to the vagrant images list(ub14x64.box is your own box file): $ vagrant box add ub14x64 ub14x64.box Look at the new added box file: $ vagrant box list ub14x64 (virtualbox, 0) To delete already created virtual machines use the following command: $ vagrant […]

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Vagrant vSphere integration

This document explain how to install and configure vagrant to use Vmware Vcenter. Firstly we must install and configure our virtual environment. I have 2 ESXI servers worked with clustered storage from FC storage. Before read this document you must install and configure your Fedora24 desktop with vagrant and ansible. http://www.jointux.com/install-vagrant-ansible-virtualbox-feora-2425/   Lets start the […]

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